SELLER SUCCESS STORY: Classic Madrona Craftsman Nets More than 10% Above List Price

With some┬ámaintenance and cosmetic work, the Wright’s Madrona home sold for $718,500–more than 10% above list price.

Peter and Kirstin Wright are clients of my good friend and colleague Dorothy Driver, who happened to be out of town when I received an urgent call from Peter.

They had been planning for some time to move to Bellingham to retire and had just found their dream home. They had already put an offer in on that property, and now needed to sell their classic Madrona Craftsman, where they had lived for 25 years, as soon as possible.

We needed to move quickly to get their house in shape to go on the market. It had some deferred maintenance and cosmetic items that needed to be addressed, such as old carpeting, paint, and a house full of treasures that had to be relocated until they could move into their new place. To get them the most money for their house, it needed to be empty and staged.

Once Dorothy returned, she invited me to co-list with her. I am always up for a challenge, so I eagerly said yes.

We helped the Wrights develop a to-do list, find contractors to remove the carpet, and refinish the fir floors that were under the carpet. We also helped them find a housekeeper, stay on schedule, and find a temporary place to stay.

We were able to quickly get the home on the market, and it sold for more than 10% over the list price. They closed on their Madrona home just in time to close on their Bellingham dream home.

Congratulations, Peter and Kirstin!

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Posted on July 25, 2018 at 12:30 am
Don Koonce | Category: Case Studies

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