CoBuy Success Story: Spouse & Siblings Purchase Sleek West Seattle Townhome

Beach living at it’s absolute finest. Something neither of these CoBuyers would have been able to afford on their own. And they didn’t have to!

I first started working with Dan and Andrea Vitegleo and their toddler Declan. Once we began looking at homes, they came to realize the importance of good schools, which limited the areas that they could realistically look. They wanted to be in Seattle, but made offers on two houses and were out-bid. They realized that to get the house they wanted in a neighborhood with good schools, they were going to need more buying power.

Coincidentally, Andrea’s brother Jeff Bean was also looking for a place to buy.

Enter CoBuy–an exciting new company with an online platform that makes it easier to buy a home with one or more other people–be it friends, family members, or both.

Due to the complicated nature of a cobuying situation, CoBuy only works with brokers that have been through their training program. Dan said that he didn’t want to work with another broker, but in order to work with CoBuy, he’d have no choice.

I immediately identified the added value of teaming up with CoBuy, and didn’t want to lose the Vitegleos as clients since I really enjoyed working with them. I decided to become a CoBuy-certified agent so I could help them as well as others increase their buying power and empower them to enter this tough market.

Dan, Andrea and Jeff signed up for an account at CoBuy, where they were guided through the process at their own pace.

Once I was certified and ready to go, we began touring homes that would be suitable for their situation. Soon after, they found a new-construction, three-bedroom, three-plus bath townhome with 1,985-square feet, just a half block from Alki Beach. It has an awesome rooftop deck overlooking Puget Sound, and they will move in just in time to enjoy it for summer.

“Don is awesome!” said Dan. “He initially helped us while we were trying to purchase our first home and we quickly realized how difficult it was to win a bid in this market. He was always available, quick to respond, and great at coaching us through the process. We also loved having his electrician background while checking out older homes. We went back to the drawing board and decided cobuying might be a good option. We told Don and he was immediately on board, going to meet them, and getting certified not long after. We were so happy to be able to keep him as our agent. We ended up finding our house and winning the bid and we’re super happy. I’d highly recommend Don to anyone.”

Posted on June 15, 2018 at 2:00 am
Don Koonce | Category: Case Studies, CoBuy

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