BUYER SUCCESS STORY: Lemons Into Lemonade with $20K Off Sale Price

Sondra got the home & neighborhood that she wanted, and her children can walk between both parent’s houses.

After her recent divorce, Sondra Cuban wanted to find a home that was close enough to her old home that her children could walk between the houses. That severely limited her options.

She also was not comfortable competing with other buyers, which further limited her options, as we would have to wait until after the offer review date to see what happens on any home that she expressed an interest in.

We toured many homes until she found the perfect one: an adorable Cape Cod on a lovely tree lined street just six blocks from Seward Park and Lake Washington, with new paint inside and out and newly finished oak floors.

The two bedrooms and one brand-new bathroom would be perfect for her and the kids, and came with a well-equipped kitchen and glorious sun-room with fireplace, all on one level in the middle of a freshly landscaped lot.

It went past the offer review date, and we immediately got her offer in. It was accepted with an inspection contingency.

The inspection revealed some items that may have scared some buyers that did a pre-inspection on the property, such as a broken sewer and crawl space issues with moisture and rodents. This allowed us to negotiate for nearly $20,000 off the list price for repairs.

In the end, Sondra made the best of a difficult situation—getting the home and neighborhood that she wanted, so her children can walk between both parent’s houses.

Way to go, Sondra!

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Posted on May 5, 2018 at 12:30 am
Don Koonce | Category: Case Studies

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