SELLER SUCCESS STORY: Joelle’s Big Adventure

Joelle’s charming 1909 Seward Park Craftsman sold for $16,000 above asking price.

Joelle owned two Seattle homes: one in the Central District that she lived in and one in Seward Park that she rented out.

I first met with her because she intended to list the former in order to achieve some financial freedom and be able to travel, but she wasn’t quite ready to take off yet, so figured that once she sold the Central District home she occupied, she’d rent something in the area to live in until she was ready to go.

However, I advised that she reconsider that strategy after reviewing rental prices in her Central area neighborhood, and cautioned that—with rising prices—once she sold her home, she would not likely be able to purchase another one there.

After discussing the state of her Seward Park rental, and realizing that she had a tenant and lease with just six months left, I suggested she wait until the tenant’s lease was up and listing that property.

And so she did.

Joelle’s charming 1909 Seward Park Craftsman—completely remodeled in 2008 with all new plumbing and wiring—sold for $16,000 above asking price.

She was then able to get in some travel and not have to work so hard.

Bon voyage, Joelle!

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